The Truth of a Fractal World

The Truth of a Fractal World This article draws from my book Chaos: a User’s Guide, chapter “The Collective: a more fractal society, institutions, learning and organizations?” In the second Matrix movie, the heroes Neo, Trinity and Morpheus venture to a restaurant unlike any other. Settled on top of a skyscraper, though seemingly fully enclosed, […]

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The Futurist Monk’s Fractal Day

The Futurist Monk’s Fractal Day Some of us follow a mostly rigid pattern through their days. Work, eat, sleep, repeat. A slight variation of that one—train, eat, sleep, repeat—has been fashionable among the fitness fans for years. Make your day revolve around great, well-defined steps, maintain the routine and that’s it. As you may have […]

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The Evolution of Consciousness with John Perkins

The Evolution of Consciousness with John Perkins Today, on the occasion of the Meltingpot Forum where both of us were invited to speak, I met with John Perkins. He is a famous bestselling author in the US, and the least I can say is that he’s a colorful character. Referring to himself as an “economic […]

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Change and Deception: the Future of Magic

Change and Deception: the Future of Magic My guest is a young Frenchman who defines himself as an offbeat magician. His passion for sleights of the hand led him to become, not only a professional illusionist, but a keynote speaker on familiar themes such as change and creativity. Watch the Interview (in French) Off the […]

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The Futurist Monk’s Clothes

Discover The Futurist Monk’s Clothes The science-fiction tales of old were obsessed with going to space. In the 1950s, sci-fi writers imagined those of our times living in spacecrafts, bent on conquering the Milky Way. Men and women of the 2000s were supposed to stroll in shiny synthetic space suits. However, as enthralling as it […]

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Further and Faster with Agility

Go Further and Faster with Agility and Luc Taesch If you are into IT, you must have heard at least every now and then of the Agile development method. If your work is about something else, agility may sound unfamiliar—and perhaps it will come to you shortly. Unless you take a proactive approach to find […]

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The Future of Mobility

The Future of Public and Private Transportation with Gabriel Plassat Today, I have the pleasure to introduce you to a long-standing personal friend. If you are into transportation, which is a rather huge and important topic in an interconnected world, read on! Watch the Interview (in French) From Smaller To Larger Systems As a student, then trainee, […]

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David Friml on the Future of AI

David Friml on the Future of AI David Friml is a young techy entrepreneur. He co-created a startup specializing in artificial intelligence (AI) with a bent towards automating tasks. I initially met with him to talk about the growth of machines and its effect on our jobs, but the encounter quickly shifted towards a more […]

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The Future of (Sustainable?) Plastics

The Future of Plastics with Jeannette Garcia I met with Jeannette Garcia in the aftermath of the Reaction Conference. This young lady is a living proof that, as the saying goes, value does not await the passing of years. Garcia makes a living as an engineer, a scientist, a researcher, has initiated a research program […]

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Philippe Joannis on Conscious Leadership

Philippe Joannis on Conscious Leadership In his own words, Philippe Joannis is “a magician gone wrong.” Fueled by a youthful passion for prestidigitation, he spent his teenage and young adulthood years performing sleights of hands for many audiences. Then, willing for a more “serious” professional life, Philippe had himself hired by Apple to take the […]

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Will Singularity Happen in 2217?

Will Singularity Happen in 2217? On José Díez Faixat’s Neo-Neodarwinist Theory of Evolution Future is a broad theme. Most of the time an attempt to get it means going through the prism of one particular field or set of trends. For example, I once focused on the integration of children to the workplace, our little […]

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The Future of Parapsychology

Mario Varvoglis and the Future of Parapsychology (or Psychophysics) Unlike most futurists, I not only focus on technology, singularity, IT and economy. I also focus on what could bring a Consciousness Singularity.Today I would like to share something a bit different—something that has been laughed at, derided, hastily lumped together with the numerous kooks who […]

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Marek Kempka on The Future of Shopping

Marek Kempka on The Future of Shopping Just like me or Gerd Leonhard, Marek Kempka is a futurist. He started by studying chemistry and is now Director Shopper Technology Europe with Nielsen. Watch the Interview From Chemistry to Big Data When Marek Kempka got out of a high school in the 1990s, he was not sure of what […]

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Gerd Leonhard on the Societal Impact of IoT

Gerd Leonhard on the Societal Impact of IoT Gerd Leonhard is a futurist, a lifelong familiar of IT, and a friend. He is one the the very few futurists that does not look at the future only through the technology aspects. And not unlike your humble servant, he tries to guess what the future holds […]

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How AI can Increase Empathy

Luis Miguel Samperio About Neurocinematics And Empathy I met Luis Miguel Samperio in Madrid. Before we dive in, let me make an important point: I made a number of interviews with very different individuals throughout the world, and yet this one may be the most interesting and inspiring I ever did. Watch the Interview From […]

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The Future Of Communication

How Will Public Relations Evolve In The Five Years To Come ? As a futurist, I spend much time thinking about what technologies have the higher potential growth. The Internet of things (IoT) is a prime example of this. Yet, beyond technology, subtler issues affect more and more people daily. One of these is what has […]

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Sam Yu and the challenges of The IoT

Sam Yu and the challenges for a Secure Internet of Things I met Sam Yu in Seoul. A native Korean, Sam moved to the United States at age 17. He studied at the State University of San José and at the prestigious Stanford University where he got a Master degree in Engineering Management. Back in […]

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Updream Korea

Hope and Change Saved Shawn’s Life!

Shawn SH Suh: How Hope and Change Saved my life! I met Shawn SH Suh in Seoul for this interview. Shawn is an amazing social business entrepreneur. He tells us how “Hope and Change” saved is life and how he is now changing other people’s life for the better. Watch the interview:   From Suicidal […]

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Ahmed Elsheikha and the Future of Change

Ahmed Elsheikha and the Future of Change I met Ahmed Elsheikha in Cairo. He has an amazing personal history of successes and his views about the future of commerce, Egypt and Africa are very inspiring. He is dedicating his life to change. He is co-founder of Brimore, a very innovative business model to overcome the economical situation by […]

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Lisanne Buik, Quantum Innovation and the Future of Love

Lisanne Buik and the Future of Innovation, of Love and Relationships I met Lisanne Buik in Amsterdam. She has an amazing experience, sold her start-up and 25, travelled around the world and wrote a book about innovation! One of the most inspiring interview I made. And one of the longest 🙂 An embodied Futurist I live […]

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Adriaan Wagenaar Helps Companies with Kids

Adriaan Wagenaar Helps Companies with Kids! I met Adriaan Wagenaar in Amsterdam. With Open Minds Open World Adriaan is helping companies to find new ideas, new products, new services with the help of kids. For the benefit of the companies, the school and the kids. This is one of the most futurist ideas and projects I have ever […]

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Marcel Bullinga and the Robot Economy

Futurist Marcel Bullinga tells us about our future with Robots Marcel Bullinga is futurist based in Netherland. At the early stage of internet he had 2 out of 20 first websites in Netherland. He is now passionate about the impact of robots on our future. It’s Fun to be a Futurist these Days! it’s fun to […]

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Benjamin Butler and the Emerging Future

Benjamin Butler and the Emerging Future Benjamin Butler is a futurist, a friend an the founder of the Emerging Future Institute Benjamin shares with us his ruling about our near, and not so near future From the financial World to the Future I was born in the UK, educated in London. I had a career in […]

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Surviving The Tech Storm

Nicklas Bergman on Surviving The Tech Storm Nicklas Bergman is a futurist based in Stockholm. He is the author of the book Surviving the Tech Storm and he tells us about te main technologies trends… and hypes. He also gives us advice for our children. Who is Nicklas? My story is that, I wanted to […]

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A Futurist View on Brexit

A futurist view on Brexit I was in Taipei, Taiwan, when the result for Brexit was announced In June 2016. When I look today at the Brexit, the UK referendum’s result, there are several ways to talk about it. There are at least two ways. The first one is I can talk about it as […]

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Dominika Brodowicz and The Future of Cities

Dominika Brodowicz and The Future of Cities Dominika is a futurist. She is working on the future of cities for the Warsaw School of Economics. In her interview, she gives amazing insights about the future cities and her work on Eco innovations and Smart Cities. For her, the biggest trends are: Sharing Economy Transportation Affordable housing […]

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Ed Gillespie The Futurenaut

Ed Gillespie the Futurenaut I had a chance to interview Ed Gillespie and ask him about his new project with Mark Stevenson: The Futurenauts. I also asked him the 3 things you can do to make a better world 🙂 Ed, Who are You? For the last 15 years I’ve been working with Futerra, a company […]

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Chaos, our new environment

Chaos, our new environment I had the chance to be interviewed by the European Think Tank LEAP. Here is the interview. It’s a good summary of how I see the world evolving in the future (3 minutes read). Make sure you read the other articles on LEAP website. Really great material 🙂 They also publish GEAB, […]

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Why I (almost) don’t Believe in Polls

Why I (almost) don’t Believe in Polls Some people affirm unhesitatingly today that we are governed by polls. And others ask why polls were so wrong about Brexit or Trump… Why polls anyway? So are polls truly able to foresee the results of elections? Can they really tell us what a given population thinks? Even […]

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Jon Barnes

The Future of Democracy

What if Internet was invented before Democracy? Jon Barnes tells us about the future of democracy. He is the founder of Democracy Squared project. This is a project to explore, package and prototype what exactly might look like a new form of democracy (or democracies?) The end of democracy as we know it? Jon asks […]

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Smart City Guru Tells us About the Future of our Cities

Pablo VIEJO GARCIA, the Smart City guru tells us about the future of our cities. After working in Spain, Germany and France, Pablo has been working in the recent years on a project with Singapore government and he tells us some incredible insights about the future of big cities. He shows us how new technologies […]

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Decision in chaotic and uncertain times

A tool for deciding in chaotic and uncertain times : Rapid Due Diligence I had the great opportunity to spend some time with Wilson Fyffe during my last visit in Singapore. Wilson is a futurist and has developed a very interesting tool to make decisions in chaotic times. He calls it Rapid Due Diligence. This tool […]

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Come visit my resilient home

Come visit my resilient home In a chaotic world, there will be more and more crises so it’s a good idea to be more resilient! It can even be fun if you don’t do it in a « survivalist » but in a « sharing » way 🙂 Watch the video and download my (free) book Chaos, a User’s […]

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Could the Universe and Consciousness be Fractals?

Could the universe and consciousness be fractals? In my wildest thoughts and being influenced by my vision of a chaotic and fractal world, I sometime  wonder if consciousness and the universe are not fractals. I believe this is also influenced by all the time I spent is Asia combined with my western background 🙂 For […]

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chaos theory

Why is Chaos Theory Important for You?

Do you have the right lenses? Japanese automobiles began flooding American roads at the beginning of the 1980s. It reached such a point that the all-powerful American car manufacturers got jittery. Japanese cars were often better-equipped, more economical to run and above all much cheaper for the buyer. When this situation started becoming seriously worrisome […]

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Turbulent world

Why has the World Become Chaotic?

Why has the world become chaotic? The world has become chaotic or turbulent for essentially three reasons: increase in the number of people, speed, and connectivity. Number of people How many of us were on earth 150 years ago? 1 billion. How many are we today? 7 billion. During the last years, within hardly a […]

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Claus Kjeldsen about the Future of a Chaotic World

Claus Kjeldsen Talks about the Future of a Chaotic World Claus Kjeldsen, CEO & Futurist of the Copenhagen Institute for Futures Studies, talks about “Chaos, a User’s Guide” by Bruno Marion, about the future of the world, and about chaos in his own life. You can download Chaos, a User’s guide here.

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reinventing organization

The best management book?

Reinventing Organizations I just finished one of the greatest management book I ever read. This is actually the book I would have loved to write after my own Chaos, a User’ guide! I would even argue that Frederic Laloux’s Reinventing Organizations is the best management book of today. Frederic made an amazing job at collecting […]

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Fractals for Dummies

Fractals for Dummies Fractals are stunning. You may have seen one of these videos of a structure within a structure within a structure, on a seemingly infinite series. Beyond their amazing aesthetics and their hypnotic repetition effect, fractals are especially interesting because they seem to show that you can have an infinite number of levels, […]

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Make Chaos Your friend

Pay as you feel right I’ve chosen to make the book available online, without a pay wall. It’s an experiment in abundance where I trust that when I give, I will also receive. (if you prefer, you can also buy Chaos, a User’s Guide at the fixed price of $8.35, or order a paper copy) […]

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Living Cell

Living Together: What Can We Learn from Nature?

Living in a chaotic world: nature has been doing it for ever! Life has been able to adapt for millenniums in order to survive, grow and evolve in environments that are naturally turbulent and chaotic. Let us then observe the principal characteristics of each basic element of life that has made such an achievement possible: […]

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The World We Want to Build!

The world according to Huntington… and the world we want to build! A few years ago, Samuel Huntington wrote a highly successful book The Clash of Civilizations. This success redoubled post-9/11 (2001) by popularizing the presumed conflict between the Muslim and the Western world. Huntington explains in his book that the world is divided into […]

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Truth, Good and Beauty in Japanese Archery

Truth, good and beauty in Japanese archery In the Japanese art of archery, Kyudo, the principal objectives of this traditional teaching are: virtue (善, zen), beauty (美, bi) and truth (真, shin). Virtue Virtue implies good, goodness. To be in a state of equanimity in the face of any event, to be detached from feelings […]

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Jean Francois Noubel TEDx

Jean-François Noubel tells it better

My dear friend Jean-François Noubel, leading researcher and author on Collective Intelligence, co-founder of AOL France, martial arts specialist, founder of the Collective Intelligence Institute… and one of the greatest human being I met, wrote an article about my own research and latest book “Chaos, a user’s guide” on his website. By the way his […]

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in transition

In Transition Projects: Order Emerging from Chaos!

In transition projects: order emerging from chaos! I get very excited by transition projects. They offer many answers for a sustainable development in our communities. I love how they are efficient, realistic and most important great fun. I really see these project as order emerging from chaos. If you don’t know about transition projects and […]

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Get the book

In this brilliant and provocative book, covering everything from personal relationships to energy supply to the way we teach our kids, Bruno Marion looks beneath the surface of the seemingly nonsensical events of our lives and unveils hidden patterns based on Chaos Theory and fractal images. Through this innovative lens, he offers us a radical […]

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Love fire

A new love-relationship?

Human beings rarely live in isolation. So how relations between human beings can evolve? Love and couple history Let us look at couples and the past. We can classify the evolution of the relations of a couple into several phases: Physical, sexual love: in the hunter/gatherer era, the essential aim of a relationship was survival, […]

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