Thrive in uncertainty and benefit from crises

Most crises lead to collapse…
unless you have the right framework
powered by the Sciences of Chaos

Bruno Marion helps people and organizations to evolve efficiently, create breakthroughs and be more resilient in a chaotic world with his new actionable framework powered by the Chaos Sciences.


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  • Have you ever felt like your world was slipping into chaos?
  • Have you ever thought that nothing made sense anymore in your life or business?
  • What if you could make order emerge from chaos in your life and where you belong?
  • What if all that apparent mess had an actual meaning?


So many people and organizations are lost in chaos and on the edge of collapse. Companies go down because they fail at understanding their market. People waste time and limited resources, chasing outdated goals, trying to control the uncontrollable.

Bruno has been traveling around the world for the past 25 years. He met with leaders for all fields and keeps reading 100 books a year about novelties in science, technology, philosophy and spirituality.

After having occupied senior executive positions in leading international companies and becoming a world-class expert and author on Asian cultures, Bruno Marion found out it was possible to see the world as it is rather than as it has been. It is now possible to understand and thrive in this chaotic world.

Bruno shares a new and simple framework that will make you and your organization thrive in a chaotic world, create new breakthroughs, be more resilient and even benefit from crises.

After seeing so many people and organizations lost in chaos and on the edge of collapse, Bruno created a new and simple framework that will make you and your organization thrive in a chaotic world, create new breakthroughs, be more resilient and benefit from crises.

He wrote a leading book on taking advantage of chaos and uncertainty: Chaos, a User’s Guide

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Bruno’s moving and inspiring presentation will teach you new mental models and practical tools to take advantage of uncertainty in an increasingly complex world.



They trust me


Bruno was one of our keynote speakers at our global annual conference. The energy and enthusiasm Bruno brought on stage were incredible and really well received by our senior audience in the room. Bruno is an extremely approachable professional and a true pleasure to work with. His content and delivery are both very engaging and inspiring!
Teresa Ricciuti, Regional Manager, Boston Consulting Group (BCG)


The session we had with Bruno and our leaders was incredible. Very interesting his vision about chaos, uncertainty and how to face it. Tremendously inspiring!
Irene Fernández Cornejo, Global Knowledge & Development, Santander


Finally a futurist without a crystal ball and “I think that”. Bruno is a research-based speaker with a unique way to put together concepts with a solid storytelling style. He elaborates on the most recent findings in different fields of knowledge combining his huge experience in real-world and inside corporations. Humble, smart, and human, I’m very satisfied with his outstanding performance for our clients. Attendees were queuing after the pitch. Thank you, Bruno!
Marco Rosetti, Vice President BTS


Bruno is a great speaker. I like his ideas. Clear recommendations!
Stefan Brandes, Head of Marketing , Verizon


Bruno’s keynote allowed all participants to come together, was very unifying, very evocative, and also challenged all participants in the way we operate. A big thank you!
Charles Desvernois, Partner at Mazars


Bruno’s presentation is mind-blowing, paradigm-shifting, and immediately actionable
Ruth Connolly, Senior VP, General Electric


Bruno is a very professional speaker and a very agreeable person to work with. A very good inspirational speaker!
Irina Gkini, Conference Producer-Content Curator, KPMG


Bruno’s story telling style is energetic and he can always point to latest research/findings to undermine his points. Actually a very positive moment and a different perspective that offers food for thought; and action. Can only recommend!
Thierry Daucourt , Head of P&C Commercial Lines European Markets, AXA


Bruno was able to adapt to the context of our team and illustrate it in a concrete way thanks to numerous examples. His keynote was greatly appreciated by all!
Diane Pourageaud, Senior Project Manager – Strategy, Accor


It was wonderful having Bruno for our conference in Bangalore. He has great energy on stage and the audience liked him tremendously!
Priya Chawla, Director, NASSCOM


Bruno is a down-to-earth, captivating visionary who grabs attention with thought-provoking, forward-looking ideas. His methods for navigating these uncertainties are powerful in their simplicity and practicality. If you want to get inspired, change your life and career, expand your view and have new fresh ideas, I highly recommend Bruno
Bryan Kotlyar, Senior IT Director, S&P Global Platts


Bruno Marion showed us, at the end of the launching convention of our new strategic project, how every employee could act every day in the interest of our customers and of the company. A big thank-you!
Nicolas Tavernier, Chief Executive Officer, Crédit Agricole Sud-Méditerranée


Bruno is a great speaker – engaging, energetic, insightful and fun! During his webinar on “Thrive in Uncertainty and Benefit from Crisis”, Bruno combined practical advice with humor, and our members responded with 5-star ratings across the board
Caterina Ghedin, Events manager, ASMALLWORLD


Bruno is an outstanding speaker! Concrete and relevant examples, truly innovative ideas that can be used by both the company and its employees, individually and collectively! An unforgettable experience!
CEO, EH&A Crisis Management and Crisis Communication


A dynamic, interesting, and above all very stimulating conference!
Pierre Duhamel, Executive Director, Entrepreneurship Foundation


Bruno knows how to captivate his audience and is fully involved in the events in which he participates
Xavier Debontride, Managing Director, Insaniam media


Bruno is perfectly equipped to deliver a great online talk from his home studio. Beautiful light, impeccable sound, he took us on board with him! As the event manager, I really enjoyed working with him!
Aurore Le Lièvre, Event & Game designer, beNext


His lecture is a ray of light in the fog. Even in virtual mode, he was able to capture the attention of the participants in our event, enlighten them on what chaos is (it does not mean mess!) and above all, equip them to make it a great opportunity both on a personal level that professional. Thanks Bruno!
Stéphane Drouin, Managing Director, Conseil québécois du commerce de détail


Thanks Bruno, it was a very interesting presentation. What a fascinating time we are living in!
Cliff Keast, Director, EMEA Industry VMWARE


Bruno Marion, in the middle of Covid crisis, offered us an oxygenated videoconference. He invites us to harmony, with vigilant confidence in the face of acceleration. Thank you!
Philippe Thirion, Director ENEDIS


We made the right choice in choosing you. You made your speech relevant to our industry and it was a win-win. A big thank you. It was a true pleasure to work with you
Martina Bianchini, President, The International Fragrance Association


Fantastic afternoon with Bruno Marion. Very inspiring speech on transformation, change, Chaos and how to make it a good and positive opportunity. Let’s keep dreaming and acting. Thanks Bruno!
Redouan Znagui, Chief Financial Officer, BNP Paribas


It’s a true pleasure working with Bruno Marion, he is one of these people who engage with others with sincere interest and by doing so reveals his truly genuine character”
Jeremy Fourteau, Director of Product, Electronic Arts


Bruno was hired for an event that I was organizing. Very professional work, during his talk he tackled interesting topics and presented them with a lot of charisma, to be recommended!
Dominika Machulska, Agence EVEA


A dynamic and above all very stimulating conference!
Pierre Duhamel, Executive Director, Entrepreneurship Foundation


Bruno knows how to captivate his audience and he is fully involved in the events in which he participates
Xavier Debontride, Managing Director, Insaniam media


An energizing one for our people. Could it possibly get any more perfect? Thanks Bruno, you rock! We’d love to work with you again
Pierre Burret, Head of Delivery & Quality, Mastercard


In a world where agility and confidence are key success factors to sail through continuous changes and transformations, Bruno brings his vision, and his tool set to serenely address daily challenges and convert them into opportunities. Refreshing, straightforward, positive, it is worth taking time for such a useful step back
Pierre Barrial, Executive VP, Managing Director, Idemia


Thank you for enlightening us on the opportunities that lie in uncertainty and to have inspired us with active optimism!
Antoine Vallee, Partner & CEO, Exeis Conseil


I highly recommend Bruno, an outstanding speaker, whom we had the chance to host for a fascinating conference on the theme of change
Nathalie Berange,  International HR Director, Hoya & Seiko


Bruno is a very talented and electrifying speaker. His passion for his subject matters is infectious. His presentations are packed with illuminating examples, surprising paradoxes, practical advices, a refreshing dose of good humour and positive outlook, in a fast moving complex and chaotic world
Nadia Lalout-Landemaine, Project Manager, Total


Bruno is an inspirational speaker. Listen to him and he will change your world view
Ralph Morton Editorial Director, Business Car Manager

Bruno is an explorer of our times. He is an exceptional human being, exciting, passionate, and with great professional ethics. He provokes change through reflection and openness and makes accessible what does not seem to be! Thank you Bruno!
Samira Marquis, HR Director, Vacheron Constantin


Bruno conveys inspirational clarity in his engaging “future”sessions. If you have the opportunity to attend one, don’t miss it!
Marcus Hodgkinson Chairman, Sophus3 


I really enjoyed an interesting, inspiring, and entertaining talk of Bruno, thanks!
Boris Mueller, VP Global Strategic Regulatory Affairs, Symrise


With brilliance and finesse, Bruno challenged us on the opportunities in an uncertain world if we know how to be resilient. A great success for business leaders who often navigate by sight. Thrills are guaranteed and also useful keys to understanding and thriving!
Mathieu PERAUD, General Delegate, UIMM


Bruno knew how to win over a multigenerational audience with brio. He was able to surprise both by the rhythm of his conference and his vision of chaos which proposes to change your state of mind and take advantage of the opportunities offered by a changing world. Inspiring!

Manuela DARGELOSSE, Communications Director, ECAM Rennes


Bruno delivered a very energetic talk for our annual conference. It was really inspiring for all of us!
Virginie Boistard, Project Manager, IESEG School of Management


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