Chaos, a User’s Guide: Solutions for Developing Ourselves, our Communities and Organizations in a Chaotic World

Chaos, a user's guide


In his brilliant and provocative book, covering everything from personal relationships to energy supply to the way we teach our kids, Bruno Marion looks beneath the surface of the seemingly nonsensical events of our lives and unveils hidden patterns based on Chaos Theory and fractal images.

Through this innovative lens, he offers us a radical new strategy for our personal and professional lives, as well as for our institutions and organizations.

Bruno Marion is not only asking the right questions, he gives us surprising answers and allows us to build our own future.

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Books published in French:

Chaos mode demploi









Chaos, mode d’emploi. Editions Yves Michel, 2014.

Prospective d'un monde en mutation

Prospectives d’un monde en mutation. L’Harmattan, 2010


Réussir avec les Asiatques

Réussir avec les Asiatiques, Eyrolles, 2012


Asie, Business et Bonnes Manières

Asie, Business et Bonnes Manières, Editions d’Organisations , 1993, Préface de Jean Gandois.