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Love Uncertainty and Make Chaos your Friend!
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I help people and organizations to navigate in uncertainty and benefit from crises with a new actionable framework powered by the Science of Chaos.

  • Disruptive thoughts and tools for a disruptive world
  • Decision making in uncertainty
  • Radical breakthroughs or inevitable collapse?
  • Future and innovation: what can we learn from Asia?
  • Energy and sustainability after the tipping point

“Bruno’s presentation is mind blowing, paradigm shifting and immediately actionable” Ruth, Senior VP, General Electric

“An energizing one for our people. Could it possibly get any more perfect? Thanks Bruno, you rock, we would love to work with you again” Pierre, Head of Delivery & Quality, Mastercard

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New Mental Models and Tools Powered by the Science of Chaos
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Make Chaos Your Friend

The World is getting Better, Worse and Faster than ever
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