The Yesbut and the Letstry, great time for leaders

The Yesbut and the Letstry.

I made my first trip around the world at 26 years old… and I then traveled to many countries (note for the youngest ones: before there were in the sky what is called airplanes and we didn’t care about our carbon footprint ..)

Strangely, I met in almost all the countries I visited two different tribes: the Yesbut and the Letstry.

The Yesbut can easily be recognized. For them, solar panels are great, yes but … Windmills are great yes but … Organic food is good, yes but … Electric cars are great,  yes but… This article is great yes but … This is good yes but … That is good yes but

It is quite easy (even if sometimes a little exhausting) to interact with them, you always know that they are going to say “yes … but …”

Letstry are much more complicated to manage. They always have weird ideas and don’t always understand what they are saying or what they are doing.

Before, a long time ago, I was a Yesbut. It was very comfortable because everywhere I went I could easily find the members of my tribe. They are really everywhere!

But (!) after a while, I found it quite boring. And very useless. And finally very stupid.

So, I tried to join the tribe of Letstry … who warmly welcomed me. They often feel a little lonely so they are always happy to welcome a new member 🙂

With the Letstry

As you know, I have been working for more than 20 years on chaos, crises, collapses, and emergence.

My mission is to help people and organizations thrive in chaos and take advantage of crises by sharing a vision and tools on how to create breakthroughs for ourselves, our family, our communities and the world.

So, as one of my friends said to me recently: “it’s showtime for you!”

As a futurist, I don’t know what the world will look like in 3 months or even more in a year. But I’m 100% sure it will be very very very different from the world today.

I have shared for 20 years that I think our world will soon be on the brink of collapse or an incredible emergence.

Great Time for Leaders

Well, soon is NOW.

I can also tell you that this is the time to show great leadership with our families, our organizations and our communities in order to get through this crisis as best we can and create incredible breakthroughs and a better world for our children.

So how, at your level, as parents, as a member of a team, as a manager, as a citizen, can you demonstrate leadership?

If you haven’t read it yet, start by reading this article here and also this article (it may help you to get your friends out of denial).

First tip, don’t wait for a quick fix from above

There will be no Supreme Leader who will save us. There too, for the youngest: we have tried Supreme Leaders in the past and it has not worked. It was even a complete failure.

The solution is me, it is you (the emergence in chaos theories). The power is me, it’s you (the butterfly effect in chaos theories).

Let the Yesbut roar among themselves (and pay no attention to the Yesbut who is still in you) and join the Letstry. It’s not going to be easy… and it’s going to be so exciting!

Find what you can do AT YOUR LEVEL

This is where everything will emerge. Like a simple mathematical formula that can create incredible images like beautiful fractal images.

So stop everything for 5 minutes, don’t think about anything. Then ask yourself this question: what can I do TODAY for my children, for my parents, for my neighbors, for the supermarket cashier who finds no one to babysit his/her children …

And finally some practical advice.

Write and read your dream every day and update your routines

One day, I asked my friend John Peters, an English pilot who was captured during the first Gulf War, what helped him survive 7 weeks of torture and solitary confinement. He replied:
  • every day, I visualized myself holding my children in my arms after being released. I could feel their smell, feel the smoothness of their skin, see their eyes …
  • and every day, I would repeat little routines in my cell (including the previous visualization) whatever I could repeat every day in my poor condition

I do realize that being confined with your cell phone and Netflix is much harder than 7 weeks of torture, but this may still help 🙂

Visualize your dreams and repeat your habits daily.

For me, it’s the visualization of my dreams, meditation, reading, physical exercises, daily routines at home with my loved ones, etc.

Manage your Stress Level

This is a time when we are exposed to a lot of stress. For our mental health and for our immunity, it is important to manage our stress level. Personally, I do cardiac coherences several times a day.

How to go through confinement

Here are the advice of from my friend, doctor, psychiatrist, stress specialist and speaker, Patrick Légeron:
  1. Take care of yourself (wash, dress, relax, meditate)
  2. Exercise, adapted to your state of health (yes, it’s possible…)
  3. Talk to loved ones or your neighbors by phone, video, in writing…
  4. Play with your children, loved ones (live or via the internet), your pet
  5. Cook (learn, create, innovate) to eat healthier or just to have fun
  6. Read, learn a language, watch a movie
  7. Respect your sleep cycle (get up and go to bed at regular hours)
  8. Sort your administrative papers and clean your home
  9. Avoid or limit alcohol, tobacco, and coffee
  10. Do not listen to or watch the news for more than 20 minutes a day (no social media at all is a great idea…)

Join the Letstry tribe!

Together we will create a better world.

Be a leader, stay focused, be cool and beautiful!

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