All models are wrong!

Understanding the World

All models are wrong, but some are useful!” George Box, statistician.

For a long time, among the “lenses” that humans use to understand the world, three have had an essential place over the centuries:

  • Spirituality or religions
  • Philosophy
  • Science

While religion was predominant for centuries, science has had its revenge over the past two or three hundred years. To the point of often eliminating the others…

A significant part of my life consists of trying to keep my “lenses” up to date.



Having multiple lenses

My background is rather scientific, so that’s the easiest for me.

Over the years, I tried to complement this by discovering religions and spiritualities I didn’t know (mostly Asian) and philosophy, where my ignorance was even greater.

I concluded that to keep my lenses up to date, without seeking to be a specialist, I needed to have minimum knowledge in these three areas:

  • Scientific lenses: theories of complexity and chaos
  • Religious lenses: Asian spiritualities, Buddhism, Hinduism, etc., if one is more Western-oriented (and monotheistic religions if one is more Asian-oriented)
  • Philosophical lenses: the integral approach


To update your lenses

If I were to give advice on discovering each of these domains:

And you, what lenses do you use to understand the world?

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