A new Love-Relationship?

A new Love-Relationship?

The types of relationships between humans have changed a lot over the millennia. In particular, what we can call “love”. Let’s look at how the relationships and love between human beings have evolved and can still evolve in the future

First, let’s look at the past. The evolution of couple relationships can be classified into several stages.

Physical, Sexual Love

In the hunter/gatherer era, the essential aim of a relationship was survival, one’s own and that of one’s genes. And so the male selected the most vigorous female. For more security, he even chose several female partners…

And similarly, the woman will choose the dominant male, who is better able to protect her and ensure her survival and that of her children, and therefore of her genes.

I call it physical love, for it is essentially based on the physical part of a relationship, especially the sexual part.



Social Love

In the farmer or agriculturist era, marriages are arranged by the family. They were able, in this way, to seal unions of families or to recover much-envied lands from neighbors.

This also explains the use of primogeniture to prevent the land from being parceled out.

Obviously, this kind of love could also include physical and sexual love.



Free Love

The industry/commerce era sees the arrival of new forms of love that could be described as free love. We then freely choose our partner out of love.

And when love vanishes, we divorce.

This type of love often includes physical and sexual love and at times social as well.

During certain periods, such as 1968 and the hippie era, a frenzied version of this kind of love was often visible.



Super Love

Another evolution will see the coming of what Alvin Toffler calls Super Love in which partners, besides love, look also for other forms of almost professional respect. Couples then spend more and more time at home (remote work, micro business, etc.).

People want to count on a truly trustworthy partner (in the business sense) to whom they can turn for ideas and advice. Intellectual respect and mutual esteem for each one’s skills are therefore fundamental.

This type of love can still include physical and sexual love and social love and it often incorporates free love as well.



Hyper Love

In our new emerging era, each one seeks to explore and work for the blossoming of their own uniqueness. So one looks for a true life partner in the wider sense of the term, a person capable of pursuing his/her own development, both personal and spiritual.

Love moves further and further away from conventional social patterns (marriage, divorce) and we see the emergence of new kinds of couples – for instance, same-sex couples or more “blended” families that demand official recognition and their right to exist.

This last type of love can obviously include all the preceding types but not always.

After “genetic” partners, “social partners”, “romantic” partners, and “business”s partners, we now see the emergence of “spiritual” partners!

Evidently, in each era, large numbers of people do not attain the type of love most suitable for that period and remain in a form that is less evolved.



The perfect relationship?

For many, this may mean having successive relationships in accordance with one’s spiritual growth. Or having multiple relationships with different partners, in which each knows what type of love the other one brings (or does not) and what type of love he gives to the other.

Or maybe, we could build, like in a nice fractal image a “multilayers” love relationship? In this case, each one in the couple evolves in harmony through different types of love by knowing how to harmonize and blend them in a fractal way: I know how to be sexually aroused at certain moments and to celebrate romantically the life of a couple at others. I trust the expert counsel of my partner and together we evolve spiritually respecting each other’s uniqueness toward a more integral and fractal relationship!

So if you are lucky enough, that is to say, if you reached that level of development, no doubt the universe will provide you with the perfect sexual, romantic, business-like, and spiritual partner. All in one person 😉



I wish you lots and lots of love!

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