The Search for the True Being

The lost being?

We saw in a previous article that we went from a single identity to multiple ones that change ever more quickly. And paradoxically, while these multiple, fractal identities appear, we seek for authenticity in the other. So how should we be multiple and authentic at the same time?

Who is authentic? It is one who has found his true self beyond his multiple identities. The one who has learnt to tap his supra-identity, stationed above and at the same time in perfect resonance with his situational identity, his identity of the moment in harmony with the circumstances and his environment. This ‘self’, this supra-identity is not to be looked upon as an object, not even a subject, but rather as a process in perpetual unfolding, in constant construction. It is all these processes of individual creation taken as a whole that are unfolding for each one of us, that will constitute a new human and planetary consciousness.


There is then no risk of disintegration of each ‘self’ into a collective ‘we’; on the contrary, there will occur a blending in of each individual seeking for identity in a larger collectivity born from the diversity of each one of us. Very much like the cells of the human body that do not drown in a formless whole but on the contrary, blend in and in order to constitute the emerging person we are, the consciousness of humanity is being built by integrating the multitude of individual beings of consciousness.

The perfect actress/actor

A true, authentic person is like a perfect actor who enacts at every instant the role he has to play, both in harmony with his consciousness as well as adapted to the situation and his audience. And when the play changes, he or she enacts a new role, new while being in resonance with his ‘self’ as well. He or she ‘rings true’ without needing to ‘put on’ or exagerate anything. On the contrary, the non-authentic person ‘rings false’. It is like a bad actor who plays a ‘circumstantial’ role without really believing in it. Or like the one who always plays the same role even when the play has changed, he or she ‘puts on’, ‘lays it thick’, overacts.

The person who is not authentic or true might touch your senses but the true person, the authentic person moves your soul.

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