Decision in chaotic and uncertain times

A tool for deciding in chaotic and uncertain times : Rapid Due Diligence

I had the great opportunity to spend some time with Wilson Fyffe during my last visit in Singapore.

Wilson is a futurist and has developed a very interesting tool to make decisions in chaotic times. He calls it Rapid Due Diligence.

This tool is a mix of data mining from the best available sources of information and some sort of basic AI to help you decide « if it’s worth to keep spending time and energy on an issue » .

Let’s say you are considering investing in “Ski Resorts Development in Saudi Arabia” (I just made up this one…), the tool doesn’t tell you eventually if it’s a good idea but at least it will immediately tell you to stop wasting your time (most likely I hope in the case of Ski Resorts Development in Saudi Arabia…)

My example may not give all the credit to his tools so the best is to actually listen to Wilson himself in the interview I did with him in Singapore. Don’t worry, he is not talking about investing in Ski resorts… And Wilson actually recommends that an investment more likely to receive a positive evaluation is “poultry farming anywhere” 🙂


Watch the interview (8 minutes):

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