The Future of Democracy

What if Internet was invented before Democracy?

Jon Barnes tells us about the future of democracy. He is the founder of Democracy Squared project. This is a project to explore, package and prototype what exactly might look like a new form of democracy (or democracies?)

The end of democracy as we know it?

Jon asks the questions: is today’s democracy still accurate?

  • Why don’t we use the new models of organization and governance used in companies (especially some small companies) at the level of nations and states with the new technologies?
  • Why do we give our opinion only every 4 or 5 years?
  • How can Internet increase transparency?

Jon Barnes thinks that the existing system became unfair. Our involvement in public decisions is very shallow and very rare.

With the new technologies, things don’t need to be centralized as before and people can be more empowered with the decisions affecting their lives.

The big trends

Jon shows us how:

  • Democracy will become more direct
  • Constitution were invented long ago and are not even respected…
  • We will move towards a more fluid way of decision making
  • Tools like blockchain will provide more transparent and less corruptible decision making
  • One day, we may make small decisions everyday!

Jon also tells us about some examples in Argentina, Iceland, Estonia and Switzerland.

The future of Nations

New non-geographic communities based on our beliefs and values will emerge and we may organize ourselves around hashtags…

We live now in « Nanny states » where everything is done for us. Tomorrow with new Internet empowering tools, we will make more decisions… and we will have more responsibilities.

It’s now time to decide how do want to decide!


Watch the interview (13 minutes)


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