Smart City Guru Tells us About the Future of our Cities

Pablo VIEJO GARCIA, the Smart City guru tells us about the future of our cities.

After working in Spain, Germany and France, Pablo has been working in the recent years on a project with Singapore government and he tells us some incredible insights about the future of big cities.

He shows us how new technologies and social medias are changing the way we live in big cities and how cities are now the major decision point for our future… not nations anymore.

The new city

Pablo explains how buildings are going to be « multi-purpose » and tells us that some autonomous vehicles will be « collective » and drones will be flying in the streets. We will see new form of governance and local democracy, more public spaces, community gardens… smart grids, micro-grids…

He explains why energy storage and resilience will be a major issue.

The future of car makers and big utilities

Pablo also shares his view about the future of big car manufacturing companies and big utilities. If the car makers are not going to services… they will be taken over by the new companies who will provide the services! And utilities will have to share their responsibility for stability and security to the grid with new comers. This is the end of the centralized and hierarchical model!

New mindset needed!

Are we going to have major black outs in our cities due the new complex system and increased number of actors?

Pablo tells us that we will see new markets, new regulations and more important… that we will need new mentalities.

I recently met him in Singapore where he is working on a new project to make our cities… smarter.

Watch the interview (17 minutes):


Watch the interview (17 minutes):


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