What’s your main tool as a speaker?

What’s your main tool as a speaker?

Dear Speaker Friend,

I once met Roger Love, one of the most famous voice coach in the world (Celine Dion, Eminem, Elton John…) I remember him asking: « as a speaker, what’s the most important tool you use to reach your audience? » As I was hesitating between my frequent flyer cards, my Macbook, my remote or my slides software, Roger just said the obvious: « your voice! » And then he explained that not practicing my voice daily, or worse not even warming up my voice before a talk, was like a top athlete trying to win the Olympics without practicing and not warming up before competition…

Fair enough 🙂

Since then, I have bee practicing my voice 10 minutes almost every day (for almost 2 years now) and warming up before most of my talks (It’s some time hard to find a place to to do that without looking too foolish…)
The results have been amazing and I can really feel the difference (although it does’t help with my french accent, sorry Maria…)
Here is the 10 minutes voice warm up from Roger Love that I am using for practice and warm up. Please enjoy and let me know what you think!

10 minutes… That will change your voice and make your voice (and yourself) more powerful !

Be well and be happy,