Dreams, Rituals, Resilience: My podcast with Maria Franzonni

Dreams, Rituals, Resilience: My podcast with Maria Franzoni

I had a great time in this interview with Maria Franzoni.

We had a lot fo fun!

A good and easy way to discover my work… and to discover me 🙂

Listen to the podcast:



This week Maria’s guest on the show is Bruno Marion. Bruno nicknamed The Futurist Monk, is an expert in global trends and innovation. For the last 30 years, Bruno has been traveling around the world, meeting CEOs, monks, all kinds of gurus, people in jail, super rich people, super poor people, artists, scientists, high-level politicians, members of the special forces, activists, and successful entrepreneurs. In that time he’s read thousands of books on the latest innovations in science, technology, philosophy, and spirituality. He has been experimenting with cutting edge technologies, investigating new types of governances, smart cities, and disruptive ways of living. Bruno himself is the author of several best-selling books on Asian cultures, and the aptly titled book, Chaos, A User’s Guide. All about taking advantage of chaos and uncertainty.

Bruno tells us who he thinks are the most inspiring people and his heroes. We find out how he got his nick name ‘The Futurist Monk’ and a little bit about his resilient house with a windmill. Why he thinks that resilience important is this amazing time we are living in and explains to us about reset, integral philosophy, chaos and his daily ritual of visualizing your dreams. All this and much, much more…

More about Bruno Marion – mfl.global/speaker/bruno-marion/
More about Maria Franzoni Ltd – mfl.global
Connect with Maria on Linkedin – www.linkedin.com/in/maria-franzoni/
Connect with Maria on FaceBook – www.facebook.com/speakingbusiness.co

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