Hello all,


I am describing here why and how I am using an “email sequence” for each of my talks.


  • To have a mailing list of people who attend my talks, who know me and have opted in to receive bonuses and news from me
  • To have direct contact with part of my audience, especially my potential “core fans” and also with people who may buy or prescribe one of my talks
  • After the initial email sequence, I can send them valuable content over time to stay on “top of their minds”

How does it work

  • At the end of my talk (in certain case, that is not workable or would feel weird…) I offer the possibility to opt in (that’s essential that people opt in and that you don’t add a list of persons attending that you may have collected from the organizers) to a couple of “bonus” emails. You can see an example here: https://brunomarion.com/sophus3/
  • This page looks like and is described to the audience as a special page I made for them. I actually only change the date and place of the event. So it looks special but only takes one minute for me to do
  • After a person subscribe, she or he will receive 5-6 emails. They receive one immediately, one a couple of days later, then one week later, then one month…
  • All the emails are sent automatically using a Aweber (you can use Mailchimp or any other)
  • These emails are the same for all my talks, so I just had to write them once
  • If you enter your first name and email, you can actually experience it yourself (and unsubscribe whenever you wish)


I would evaluate the whole set up of the system at one day of work if you are familiar with mailing lists and website. I am not at all and it took me around 2 days 🙂


After that, it’s only 5 minutes preparation for each talk.


I have been using this for 2 years and I did get amazing follow ups and some gigs!

Key points

  • Make sure it’s an opt in (on a volontary basis)
  • Bring real added value content so people are eager to receive and read your emails


If you have any questions just let me know (you can comment below).


Be well and be happy!