Si vous lisez l’anglais, vous avez maintenant la possibilité de télécharger “Chaos, a User’s guide” en anglais et de faire un don qui vous semble juste pour le livre.

Amis anglophones, c’est pour vous !

You can buy the book at the fixed price of $8.35, but I’ve also chosen to make the book available online, without a pay wall. It’s an experiment in abundance where I trust that when I give, I will also receive.

In my personal experience, there are books I bought that ended up not meaning much, and others that have been deeply meaningful, even transformative in the way I see the world. Paying the same price for both, just because I didn’t know upfront, has always often struck me as odd. Spontaneously, I would have liked to pay less than the list price in some cases, and more in others.

This concept is very much in line with a trend called the Gift Economy. It makes for more meaningful relationships, even with people we don’t meet, like an author. Paying a fixed price is rather transactional. It doesn’t honor the personal exchange that somehow happens between us, an author and a reader.

Pay-What-Feels-Right invites us to pause and reflect on the value we bring to one another, even at a distance through a book. I feel it brings some soul back into what is otherwise simply a business transaction.

So here is the experiment: I give you the book, and you give back whatever it has been worth to you. And if needed, here are two tips to help you.

How does it work?

1. Put a note in your calendar some time in the future (say in a month’s time) to consider what you’d like to give back, if you liked the book. (This website will send you an automatic mail a month after download, but don’t count on it to remind you. These mails often get lost or filtered out).

2. Fill out the form below to download the book

I love the thought that at this very moment, no one knows what the book will mean to you, and what you will want to give back.


Just to be clear: Pay-What-Feels-Right is not “free”. It’s an invitation to give what feels right for the value you’ve received from the book. The content of the book itself is copyrighted. Please don’t forward the copy you download to other people, but refer them to this page instead.

Already read the book and want to give back?

Click the button below and choose what you want to give. Here are two tips to help you determine what amount feels right for you.

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