Turbulent world

Why has the World Become Chaotic?

 Why Has the World Become Chaotic? A question I am often asked is, “Has the world become more chaotic? ” And besides, wasn’t it already before? The world, especially the natural world, has undoubtedly always presented chaotic aspects. Meteorology is a very good example. I observe that the human world has, on the other hand, […]

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Could the Universe and Consciousness be Fractals?

Could the universe and consciousness be fractals? In my wildest thoughts and being influenced by my vision of a chaotic and fractal world, I sometime  wonder if consciousness and the universe are not fractals. I believe this is also influenced by all the time I spent is Asia combined with my western background 🙂 For […]

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Fractals for Dummies

The gifts of chaos Chaos theories offer us 3 totally new and innovative tools. These 3 tools are: The strange attractor The Butterfly Effect Fractal images Let’s have a look at fractal images 🙂 Fractals for Dummies Fractals are stunning. You may have seen one of these videos of a structure within a structure within […]

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