Learn to navigate in a chaotic world. Thrive in uncertainty and benefit from crises.

Most crises lead to collapse… unless you have the right framework powered by the Science of Chaos

Bruno Marion helps people and organizations to evolve efficiently, create breakthroughs and be more resilient in a chaotic world with his new actionable framework powered by the Science of Chaos.

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  • Have you ever felt your world has become chaotic ?
  • Have you ever thought that nothing was making sense anymore in your life or in your business?
  • What if you could make order emerge from chaos in your life and organization?
  • What if all that apparent mess in your life and business was actually making sense ?


So many people and organizations are lost in chaos and on the edge of collapse. Companies going down because they don’t understand their market. People wasting time and limited resources chasing outdated goals and trying to control the uncontrollable.

Bruno has been  traveling around the world for the past 25 years, meeting leaders in all fields and reading 100 books a year about what’s new in science, technology, philosophy and spirituality.

After having occupied senior executive positions in leading international companies and being a world-renowned expert and author on asian cultures. Bruno Marion discovered that it is possible to see the world as it is and not as it was. It is now possible to understand and act in this chaotic world.

Bruno shares a new and simple framework that will make you and your organization thrive in a chaotic world, create new breakthroughs, be more resilient and even benefit from crises.

After seeing so many people and organizations lost in chaos and on the edge of collapse, Bruno created a new and simple framework that will make you and your organization thrive in a chaotic world, create new breakthroughs, be more resilient and benefit from crises:


Stop thinking linear, go fractal

Use less control, use more regulation

Get a resilience mindset and benefit from crises

Be a butterfly, be a pioneer and use the butterfly effect


Bruno is the author of the leading book on taking advantage of chaos and uncertainty: Chaos, a User’s Guide

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Bruno’s moving and inspiring presentation will teach you new mental models and practical tools to take advantage of uncertainty in an increasingly complex world.

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“Bruno’s presentation is mind blowing, paradigm shifting and immediately actionable”
Ruth Connolly, Senior VP, General Electric

It’s a true pleasure working with Bruno Marion, he is one of these people who engage with others with sincere interest and by doing so reveals his truly genuine character” 
Jeremy Fourteau, Director of Product, Electronic Arts

An energizing one for our people. Could it possibly get any more perfect? Thanks Bruno, you rock, we would love to work with you again
Pierre Burret, Head of Delivery & Quality, Mastercard

“In a world where agility and confidence are key success factors to sail through continuous changes and transformations, Bruno brings his vision, and his tool set to serenely address daily challenges and convert them into opportunities. Refreshing, straightforward, positive, it is worth taking time for such a useful step back”
Pierre Barrial,Ecexutive VP, Managing Director, Oberthur Technologies

“Bruno is a very talented and electrifying speaker. His passion for his subject matters is infectious. His presentations are packed with illuminating examples, surprising paradoxes, practical advices, a refreshing dose of good humour and positive outlook, in a fast moving complex and chaotic world”
Nadia Lalout-Landemaine, Project Manager, Total

“Bruno is an explorer of our times. He is an exceptional human being, exciting, passionate, and with great professional ethics. He provokes change through reflection and openness and makes accessible what does not seem to be! Thank you Bruno!”
Samira Marquis, HR Director, Vacheron Constantin


They trust me:



Claus Kjeldsen, CEO, Copenhagen Institute for Futures Studies, Copenhagen, Denmark

 Jean-François Noubel, co-founder AOL France, leading researcher on Collective Intelligence


Kim Klosterman, CEO, Klosterman Baking CO, Cincinnati, USA

Sonam Dubal, international designer, New Delhi, India


 Barry Brinker, President/Owner, International High-end Jewelry Corporation, Los Angeles

 François Roddier, world famous astronomer and physicist, USA

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