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Pay as you feel right I’ve chosen to make the book available online, without a pay wall. It’s an experiment in abundance where I trust that when I give, I […]

Could the Universe and Consciousness be Fractals?


Could the universe and consciousness be fractals? In my wildest thoughts and being influenced by my vision of a chaotic and fractal world, I sometime  wonder if consciousness and the […]

Why Chaos Theory is Important for You?

chaos theory

Do you have the right lenses? Japanese automobiles began flooding American roads at the beginning of the 1980s. It reached such a point that the all-powerful American car manufacturers got […]

Why has the World Become Chaotic?

Turbulent world

Why has the world become chaotic? The world has become chaotic or turbulent for essentially three reasons: increase in the number of people, speed, and connectivity. Number of people How […]

Claus Kjeldsen about the Future of a Chaotic World


Claus Kjeldsen Talks about the Future of a Chaotic World Claus Kjeldsen, CEO & Futurist of the Copenhagen Institute for Futures Studies, talks about “Chaos, a User’s Guide” by Bruno […]

The best management book

reinventing organization

Reinventing Organizations I just finished one of the greatest management book I ever read. This is actually the book I would have loved to write after my own Chaos, a […]

Fractals for Dummies


Chaos theory tells us that a chaotic system can either emerge or collapse. How to see this emergence or breakthrough? How to reconcile two extremes that are often incompatible? One […]

Sonam Dubal talks about Chaos, a User’s Guide

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Sonam Dubal talks about Chaos, a User’s Guide Sonam Dubal is an international Designer based in New Delhi. He tells us how “Chaos, a User’s Guide” helps him to understand […]

Living Together: What Can We Learn from Nature?

Living Cell

Living in a chaotic world: nature has been doing it for ever! Life has been able to adapt for millenniums in order to survive, grow and evolve in environments that […]

The World We Want to Build!


The world according to Huntington… and the world we want to build! A few years ago, Samuel Huntington wrote a highly successful book The Clash of Civilizations. This success redoubled […]

Truth, Good and Beauty in Japanese Archery


Truth, good and beauty in Japanese archery In the Japanese art of archery, Kyudo, the principal objectives of this traditional teaching are: virtue (善, zen), beauty (美, bi) and truth […]

Jean-François Noubel tells it better

Jean Francois Noubel TEDx

My dear friend Jean-François Noubel, leading researcher and author on Collective Intelligence, co-founder of AOL France, martial arts specialist, founder of the Collective Intelligence Institute… and one of the greatest […]

In Transition Projects: Order Emerging from Chaos!

in transition

In transition projects: order emerging from chaos! I get very excited by transition projects. They offer many answers for a sustainable development in our communities. I love how they are […]

Presentation of “Chaos a User’s Guide” at the Copenhagen Institute for Futures Studies


I will present my new book “Chaos, A User’s Guide: Solutions for developing ourselves, our communities and organizations in a chaotic world” at the Copenhagen Institute for Futures Studies during […]

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In this brilliant and provocative book, covering everything from personal relationships to energy supply to the way we teach our kids, Bruno Marion looks beneath the surface of the seemingly […]

A new love-relationship?

Love fire

Human beings rarely live in isolation. So how relations between human beings can evolve? Love and couple history Let us look at couples and the past. We can classify the […]

A new World Ethic?


Western ethics = guilt Ethics are a very important aspect of cultures and they strongly influence our way of living together. Every culture has its own ethic and today these […]

The Search for the True Being


The lost being? We saw in a previous article that we went from a single identity to multiple ones that change ever more quickly. And paradoxically, while these multiple, fractal […]

Fractal Identities, who am I?

identity crisis

Towards a general burn-out? I recently met a very dear friend who frequently complained to me that she suffered because of the hugely discomforting disparity between her personal values and […]

Collapse or Breakthrough?


Collapse or Breakthrough? Isaac Asimov, the visionary science-fiction writer, recounts in one of his short stories the narrative of a people that from generation to generation, from civilization to civilization, […]