Living Together: What Can We Learn from Nature?

Living Cell

Living in a chaotic world: nature has been doing it for ever! Life has been able to adapt for millenniums in order to survive, grow and evolve in environments that […]

The World We Want to Build!


The world according to Huntington… and the world we want to build! A few years ago, Samuel Huntington wrote a highly successful book The Clash of Civilizations. This success redoubled […]

Truth, Good and Beauty in Japanese Archery


Truth, good and beauty in Japanese archery In the Japanese art of archery, Kyudo, the principal objectives of this traditional teaching are: virtue (善, zen), beauty (美, bi) and truth […]

Jean-François Noubel tells it better

Jean Francois Noubel TEDx

My dear friend Jean-François Noubel, leading researcher and author on Collective Intelligence, co-founder of AOL France, martial arts specialist, founder of the Collective Intelligence Institute… and one of the greatest […]

In Transition Projects: Order Emerging from Chaos!

in transition

In transition projects: order emerging from chaos! I get very excited by transition projects. They offer many answers for a sustainable development in our communities. I love how they are […]

Presentation of “Chaos a User’s Guide” at the Copenhagen Institute for Futures Studies


I will present my new book “Chaos, A User’s Guide: Solutions for developing ourselves, our communities and organizations in a chaotic world” at the Copenhagen Institute for Futures Studies during […]

“Chaos, a User’s Guide”

Chaos, a user's guide

Chaos, a User’s Guide: Solutions for Developing Ourselves, our Communities and Organizations in a Chaotic World   In his brilliant and provocative book, covering everything from personal relationships to energy […]

A new love-relationship?

Love fire

Human beings rarely live in isolation. So how relations between human beings can evolve? Love and couple history Let us look at couples and the past. We can classify the […]

A new World Ethic?


Western ethics = guilt Ethics are a very important aspect of cultures and they strongly influence our way of living together. Every culture has its own ethic and today these […]

The Search for the True Being


The lost being? We saw in a previous article that we went from a single identity to multiple ones that change ever more quickly. And paradoxically, while these multiple, fractal […]

Fractal Identities, who am I?

identity crisis

Towards a general burn-out? I recently met a very dear friend who frequently complained to me that she suffered because of the hugely discomforting disparity between her personal values and […]

Collapse or Breakthrough?


Collapse or Breakthrough? Isaac Asimov, the visionary science-fiction writer, recounts in one of his short stories the narrative of a people that from generation to generation, from civilization to civilization, […]

Kevin’s Life, the new Family?


The grand-parents John and Mary are 70 and 71 today. They have two children: their son Mark, who is 43 today and their daughter Sophia who is 39. John was […]

New Opportunities in a Chaotic World

BM conf 2

Watch the video New markets and new organizations for new opportunities in a chaotic world (16 minutes):  

Opportunities in a Chaotic World on Youku

Video Youku

Watch on Youku Chinese viewers, you can now watch “New markets and new organizations for new opportunities in a chaotic world” on Youku (en anglais, 16 minutes)  

I Would like to Help you to Understand and Act in our Changing World

Bruno Marion

For 25 years now (much longer according to my parents…) I have been trying to understand the world around me. After the usual school-kid experiments, growing a bean seed and […]

The Science and Psychology of the Chaos Theory


A great video comparing human psychology and chaos theories: